Get started with Siteimprove

Optimize accessibility, quality, and consistency on your website

Siteimprove is a full-featured web accessibility management service available to all University of Florida faculty and staff. The Siteimprove platform is a simple, powerful tool that evaluates how accessible your website is, and shows you how to make it better. Licensing for this enterprise service is currently funded under the Electronic Information Technology Office.

Siteimprove offers a key approach to securing digital accessibility for public websites, with an at-a-glance dashboard feature that pinpoints exactly where to make improvements. The service provides complete visibility across your content quality and performance. Accessible web design is central to good design principles, and following guidelines for web accessibility ensures usability for everyone, including people with disabilities.

  • Use is restricted to staff and faculty for websites related to official university business, or in support of the university mission. The service is not for personal use.