Siteimprove’s cloud-based product automates the process of identifying Electronic InformationTechnology Accessibility (EITA) issues on websites and assists in improving web accessibility in accordance with the global Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 for compliance levels A, AA, and AAA. Also, it also helps monitor broken links, misspellings and ensuring contact information is up to date.

Access to the SiteImprove is through a single SiteImprove Administrator for each College or highest level administrative unit with one or more third level domains ( 

  • There should be one SiteImprove Administrator for each college or highest level administrative unit. An IT Director with system administration knowledge best fulfills this role.   
  • The SiteImprove Administrator should oversee access accounts from the third level domain. 
  • SiteImprove Administrator has a high level of responsibility due to the access, and ability this designation has over their area and the University of Florida’s entire web structure. 
  • The SiteImprove Administrator should name a back-up once she or he has access to the system. 
  • The SiteImprove Administrator should then create users for each of the group's subdomains, 4thlevel domains, or subsites.

To request access to SiteImprove for your college or administrative unit contact Anne Allen, EITA Officer,