Captioning Request

Video courses recorded in Mediasite are eligible for UFIT captioning. Requests should be submitted a minimum to two weeks prior to the start of the semester.

Centrally Funded Captioning Requirements


  • On-Demandregistered video captioning requests through the Disability Resource Center
  • DistanceSections, 80% or more online (as designated by the delivery method indicator inthe registrar data) General Education courses, high enrollment with reusablevideo, undergraduate, OR external vendor content.

Not Eligible

  • Recordedface to face classes (lecture-capture, without a Distance Course Section)
  • Self-fundedsections
  • Coursesnot funded will be eligible for UF Pricing through and AdministrativeCaptioning Office.


  • For those courses thatare less than 80% online, waivers are available in certain circumstances andbased on the availability of funds.

Courses with a studentwishing to register with the Disability Resource Center for captioning needsshould contact Anne Allen, Interim EIT Accessibility Officer,

Captioning Request Form